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The Cockpit Theatre, Marylebone, London


London. Christmas Eve.

It’s the middle of the night and all the children are tucked up in their beds.


Bo has gone to bed in a big huff. He found out tonight that there won’t be many presents this year. So obviously this means that Christmas is RUINED!!


But someone is still awake. An inquisitive, rather smartly dressed Fox is going through the bins, as they do every night. But on this occasion, it’s not food they’re after.


You see, this Fox is scouring all the bins on the estate trying to work out how to be festive. But it’s not going well. What they really need is a Christmas connoisseur.

Someone that REALLY knows their tree from their tinsel.


And looking at what magical object is in Bo’s bedroom, they may have found just the person!



Climb aboard as we whizz off on an adventure to meet a host of huge and hilarious characters.


The creatures of the estate are all celebrating their holidays in their own way, but that doesn’t stop them being keen to learn from Bo’s extensive knowledge! He is the expert, after all!



This is a slightly bonkers, fun, family show with well known songs, larger than life characters, eye popping acrobatics, and a generous dose of theatre magic. All performed in the round.


Is Christmas ruined? There’s only one way to find out!


Tickets from £9


Running time: Approximately 45 minutes

Age Group: 4 yrs +


A recorded version of the show will also be available online.


Cast and Creatives

Fox - Harriett O’Grady, Bo - Eric Mitchell , Rat, Magpie, Bee, Frog - Paul Collin Thomas


Written and Directed by Kathryn Gardner