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Screw it! I’m going all out and giving this one five stars. A beautifully touching piece of theatre with great humour. Ginger In The Theatre



"A delightful and absorbing production of a sharp and perceptive script". 4 Stars

London Theatre 1



"Kathryn Gardner’s script is beautifully paced and observed, drawing nice humour as well as poignancy from these three characters, each of whom variously find companionship in the other, in spite or perhaps because of being isolated in different ways. The writing is taut, and the story is sweet and enjoyable.

The banter between Carol and Sue is very funny and the double entendres littered throughout the dialogue fit appropriately into the seaside setting, without verging into ‘Carry On’ territory by being lingered on for more than a second.


As Sue, Gardner also brings a lovable innocence and naivety. It’s a lovely play, the cast are having a lovely time, and you probably will too."

The Play's The Thing



"Treading Water is a sweet tale of female friendship, the conversations you only have when you’re sitting for hours in each other’s company, and the things we hide from even those who think they know us well. There are moments of sadness among the comedy but overall this is a play about grabbing the bull by the horns (or the balls) and making something, anything, happen to break the tedium."


West End Wilma



Treading Water is many things. It is a story of patience, of friendship, of delicate humanity and taking the opportunity to make the things you want to happen when they present themselves. It is freezing outside but Treading Water will warm you right up with its gentle tenderness and endearing humour and charm.

Mark Aspen Reviews








"...well performed and engaging, it encourages you to care about the characters depicted and the choices they make.


Maybe Home secretary of 1994 Michael Howard who introduced the Criminal Justice Act was wrong when he claimed that a rave was bad for you"

British Theatre Guide




"intertwining lives veer from shared bliss to heavy comedowns once the euphoria wears off. Reality bites hard causing relationships to be tested and fractured with revelations in relations and state sanctioned subterfuge and sedition all in the mix."

Theatre News






"...fleshed out so realistically, it never drops your attention"

Reviews Gate



"A funny, wise and well-observed slice of working men’s lives...The show was punctuated with such moments of physical comedy and, combined with the tip-top script, It was a thoroughly entertaining production."

Oxford Times





"...a well crafted piece for the modern day woman"

The Tricycle


"A spirited and heartfelt examination of female friendships"

The Royal Court