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Oxford.  A Divided City In Thatcher’s Britain. A Disillusioned Generation.  

Acid house, the second summer of love, weekend after weekend of pure ecstasy.


But what happens when the party’s better that the real world?  And what do you do when the law says there can be no more?


Fight on the high street? Brawl on the terraces?  Drink shots in Tiny skirts?

It may be legal but it’s far from better.   And someone just spilt your pint...


Set in Oxford, home to the most notorious council estate of the 90's, this is not the city you think you know.

REPETITIVE BEATS is a high octane play set during one of the most influential  movements in modern music.


From 1989, affectionately known as The 2nd Summer Of Love, to 1994 when the Criminal Justice act was introduced, this was the start of a soft revolution against Thatcher's Britain with a disillusioned generation fighting back.

The rave scene fought hard, but police soon had the power to arrest attendees, seize equipment, and close raves

“... characterised by the emission of a succession of repetitive beats.”


The '90s was also the height of Oxford's Town and Gown divide, resulting in wide spread crime across Oxford's estates.


REPETITIVE BEATS looks at the effects of Rave on specific social groups  & invokes the political context of the time.

Comparing drinking culture to drug culture, and comparing the social implications & assumptions of each against the political backdrop of the time, it looks at how the police handled the ever growing parties, and how clamping down in the mid 90’s potentially had a direct effect on the binge drinking culture and nightclub culture that exists today.


Informing those that missed it, reminding those that remember it. We revisit the social movement that gained so much momentum and had an impact on the way we party, the music we listen to, the festivals we attend & the way we live our lives.  


REPETITIVE BEATS had an initial R&D performance at Vault Festival  in March 2017 . It has been commisioned for adaptation and will be back at Edinburgh Festival in 2018.

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"...well performed and engaging, it encourages you to care about the characters depicted and the choices they make.


Maybe Home secretary of 1994 Michael Howard who introduced the Criminal Justice Act was wrong when he claimed that a rave was bad for you"


- British Theatre Guide

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"intertwining lives veer from shared bliss to heavy comedowns once the euphoria wears off. Reality bites hard causing relationships to be tested and fractured with revelations in relations and state sanctioned subterfuge and sedition all in the mix."


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Original R&D Cast

Amy Ambrose - Leah

Paul Collin Thomas - Matt

Ian Horgan - Tommy

Kathryn Gardner - Rebecca


Sound Design - James Bell

Music Curation/ DJ  - Paul Hanford

Technical Manager & Lighting Design - Daniel Sheehan

Director - David Wybrow