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"...well performed and engaging, it encourages you to care about the characters depicted and the choices they make. Maybe Home secretary of 1994 Michael Howard who introduced the Criminal Justice Act was wrong when he claimed that a rave was bad for you.

"Entertaining and powerful new writing telling the story of the rise and fall of the rave. Some great moments of drama and some great tunes as well! Strongly recommended especially to any old ravers out there" Andrew Hobbs via Facebook


"Amy Ambrose as Leah is excellent"


"intertwining lives veer from shared bliss to heavy comedowns once the euphoria wears off. Reality bites hard causing relationships to be tested and fractured with revelations in relations and state sanctioned subterfuge and sedition all in the mix."



Absolute hoot watching acid house play 'Repetitive Beats' by @KathrynEGardner @VAULTFestival .Terrific cast and script. Hope it returns!! Fraser Millward via Twitter