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HOLDING By Kathryn Gardner


Margaret Thatcher is crowned a Spice Girl, Denise Van Outen stole an ashtray from Buckingham Palace and apparently, the Queen Mum smells of wee.


It’s 2000.  The glow sticks are gone, the sticky carpets reign supreme, and the party has moved out of the fields and onto the high street.

Women are  loud, proud and crass ... This is pints not prosecco.  This is tits, ass, and who gives a fuck.


But it’s not just flashing your tits and Girl Power. You want to be equal to a man? You going to have to drink like one. So bottoms up.



Ladette:   /lædet/ noun (BrE, informal)

A young woman who behaves in a boisterously assertive or crude manner and engages in heavy drinking sessions.


Holding is about two friends picking their way through this new found empowerment. Every weekend they don their finest and totter out to a world of cheap shots, free entry and a kerb kebab.


But one night they are separated.  Maybe one of them pulled.  Who knows.

but the 8310 is out of juice and the taxi queue is not a nice place to be when you’re by yourself.


Friendship, betrayal and a world blurred by Smirnoff Ice and those weird shots with the gold flakes. A pretty standard night out...


"...a well crafted piece for the modern day woman" - The Tricycle


"A spirited and heartfelt examination of female friendships" - The Royal Court