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It's All Just A Little Bit Of History Repeating

By Kat, Jan 22 2017 08:00PM

So, we have learned that Theresa May is the first leader Trump wants to meet. He wants to take her to watch him play golf. What fun that will be.

Well, she's got the hair for it. and from what I understand, he has this golf thing covered. Is this Maggie & Ronny 2.0 ?

We've been here before. And we've fought back before. And if the women's marches yesterday have done anything, they have reminded us how powerful we can be.

In 1982 we marched against the falklands war. In 1989 we stormed the streets against poll tax... and in 1990 we fought for our fight to party.

Our parties were so big they couldn't be touched. The police set up fake pirate radio stations, shut down entire motorways, but they were powerless. Even if it was just for a moment.

That was our moment. And we're keeping it. History is repeating itself. There are no two ways about it.

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