SUBTLE PAWS is a theatre company.



No, scrap that. We're more than that. We're about creating experiences. We're about making shows that involve you, immerse you, and captivate you. Shows that do something... stir something.


Don't get us wrong, we try and do all the stuff you'd expect a theatre company to do.


We just want to do more.


We want to open a door you're going to struggle to shut.





I was kicked of my A level Theatre Studies course for arguing with my tutor. He insisted that first and above all else, theatre's role was to educate. Even if it was at the expense of your enjoyment. I wholeheartedly disagreed. It didn't go well.


Our ultimate aim is to do both. But if you're having a terrible time, I highly doubt you're going to learn much.


Take our latest project for example. We are staging a play about the rave era. But we're also holding a rave.. and holding workshops about the origins of Acid House... and hosting debates and discussions on the social, political and economic impact this soft revolution against Thatcher's Britain caused. And where we are as a result of the introduction of The Criminal Justice Act.  


So you see? Every day is a school day. A really fun one.








About me.


I am a writer and actor, originally from Oxford.


My first fully performed play was a pair of one act plays called Seize The Day. These performed at Camden Fringe, Ox Fringe and toured the UK.


Prior to that was HOLDING. A female two hander that explores the drinking culture of young women.


More info about me can be found on my personal website.




















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